The Italian Olive oil farm 21328

The Italian Olive oil farm of il Fontanaro, in Paciano, Umbria, Italy, is the location of your gluten free farm class.

Here we are a Slow food Olive oil Presidium and during the class you will learn to recognize a good olive oil and the secrets of the Mediterranean diet.

Il Fontanaro is rated one of the best Italian olive oil at the New York Competition (2016 and 2017 Edition), London Competition 2016 and 2017 Edition) and many others  achievements in the world.

You will love to visit the olive press and to see all the olive oil making process.

The Fontanaro – is a  farm from 1893 that has 2 cottages for 2 persons for guests with pool and Jacuzzi,  where you can spend your gluten free holiday.  Also there are:

Fonte Cicerum, a maxi provate stone villa with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms,  and swimming pool.

Tartagli – a big villa that host 3 homes for a total of 12 guests. This is the best for family reunions, together with villa

Fontegirasole, with 4 homes, each one for 4 persons + 1 each one. And off course another inifity swiiming pool.

At the local village of Paciano also there are restaurants that serves gluten free meals home made.